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Item #: VD971 FA299
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Harley Davidson Front Disc Brake Pads

1 Set *971 299*

This is a single set of front disc brake pads

For the

2004 Harley Davidson FXDL

Dyna Lowrider 1450

2004 Harley Davidson FXDLi

Dyna Lowrider 1450


These pads are made of Copper, tin, graphite and other metalic elements bonded with kevlar.


 These are new aftermarket brake pads.



When Quality and price count, then these are the brake pads you want.
Perfect Braking under all riding conditions.

Note: All US shipments have tracking numbers available.

When shipping outside the United States many countries have added taxes and customs costs.

We are not responsible for these costs they are the responsibility of the buyer.

Please keep this in mind when ordering.

If you have questions please call us at 928-342-5818 Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Arizona Time






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